Who It’s For

Brody's BBQ offers franchising opportunities ideal for those ready to take control of their financial destiny. Our franchise is a perfect match for:

  • Dynamic Duos: Husband and wife teams looking for a shared entrepreneurial adventure will find a fulfilling path with us.
  • Former Leaders Seeking Ownership: If you've thrived in leadership roles and are eager to step out of working for others, Brody's BBQ is your gateway to being your own boss.
  • Pre-Retirees Seeking Extra Income: Nearing retirement but still want to spice up your weekends? Our franchise offers a flexible, profitable way to make extra money, especially at events.

Join us at Brody's BBQ, where your ambition meets our unmatched flavor and community spirit.

How It Works

Unlock High-Earning Potential with Brody's BBQ Franchising

Brody's BBQ franchises are designed for efficiency and high profitability. With our streamlined systems, a duo can generate sales exceeding $2,000 per hour. This robust earning potential is built into the very fabric of our operational model.

Is Brody's BBQ the Right Fit for You?

If you're considering a franchise opportunity with us, we invite you to participate in a "Discovery Day." Qualified applicants who pass our initial screening will have the unique opportunity to join us during a live operational day. This experience provides an invaluable insight into what it means to be a Brody's BBQ Franchise Owner.

Exclusive Franchising Opportunity

We believe in giving each franchise the space to thrive. That's why we're offering just two franchises per state in the lower 48, ensuring each Brody's BBQ owner has ample market territory to explore and grow.